Black Pilot Recordings

Legendary Danish post-punk band De Må Være Belgiere

have reunited and are currently recording a new album.

January 2019: All tracks are close to final editing by engineer Alma Hede. Jens Valo is adding effects on 6 tracks. When finalized, 13 songs will be mixed and mastered in February by Morten Bue.


The album is scheduled for release in September 2019.


Follow the making of the album here


Here is a link to Morten Bue


November 2018: DMVB have have now finished recording basic tracks and vocals for a forthcoming album. Additional tracks and electronics will be recorded in the fall. Mixing and mastering will take place during winter.




More updates will follow.

Jacob Leth bass Mark Winther drums Jesper Hede vocal guitar Nils Skovbjerg guitar

DMVB having recorded their first demo in 32 years

DMVB taking a break during recording of basic tracks July 2018

November 2018: Work in progress