Black Pilot Recordings



BPX002 2018 LP 12"


Date of release 30 April 18




Side 1

New New Fast

Puerto Rican Ghost


The No Nothing

Not Moving

Miles Dead

Red Alert


Side 2

Medicine Ball

En Igennem Tre

Melting Pool


No Danger

Sex Crime

Racing Thorns


Debut album by NO GOD. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lars Lundholm and NO GOD

at Black Tornado Studio, Copenhagen. All recording, mixing, mastering and printing engineered exclusively

on analog equiptment. Cover by Jacob Leth. Printed in Germany. Digital download included.


All material by NO GOD: Jens Valo guitar vocal, Jacob Leth bass vocal, Carl Christian Tofte drums vocal.

Puerto Rican Ghost by Mars, Red Alert by Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Not Moving and Lionel by DNA.


NO GOD plays Direct Action Music. NO GOD moves between inarticulation, agitation, and frenetic attacks:



Listen to (and watch) The No Nothing (not mastered) here

Sex Crime (not mastered) here

Watch NO GOD recording Melting Pool here

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BPX001 2005 CD




1. To Be Kind

2. Take Me Out Tonight

3. Love Is The Winner

4. Everywhere

5. Waiting For A Song

6. Jonah

7. That's What I've Kept

8. Some Day Soon

9. Lack Of You


Third album by Copenhagen alternative quartet Amstrong. Produced by Malcolm Burn and Amstrong.

Recorded by Malcolm Burn at Le Maison Bleu, Kingston, NY. Additional recordings by Lars Lundholm at Black

Tornado and Grapehouse studios, Copenhagen. Mixed by Jens Danielsen on Bonding Mobile Unit. Mastered by Morten Vinten at Medley Studio, Copenhagen. Cover by Marlene Hald.


All songs by Amstrong: Marie Louise Munck vocals piano fender rhodes, Tanja Jessen guitars piano,

Jens Danielsen programming keyboards guitar, Jacob Leth bass. With Casper Bach Hegstrup drums percussion, Frederik Bokkenheuser drums percussion, Jane Scarpantoni cello, Malcolm Burn guitar harmonica percussion

backing vocals.


Watch the video to Jonah here



Before becoming a record company Black Pilot was a publishing agency:


2005 Amstrong: Lack of You (Black Pilot/Playground Music/Silversonic Records)

2001 Amstrong: Hot Water Music (Clearspot)

1999 Amstrong: Sprinkler (3rd Tsunami Records/Clearspot)

1996 GRIND: Flaming Star EP (AGM)

1995 GRIND: Creampetal (AGM)

1994 GRIND: The Glorious Kind (AGM)


Listen to Amstrong here


Listen to GRIND here


Watch GRIND live at Roskilde Festival here